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Q: So why should I use a proofreading or editing service for my work?

A: There are so many reasons! Professors dock valuable marks on written assignments for grammatical and stylistic errors. Over the course of a semester, these lost marks can add up, costing you the grade you are striving for. Short on time? Not sure who to ask for help? You’ve come to the right place! Our editors are pros at catching everything from spelling mistakes to content-related weaknesses. We’ll point out areas that need improvement, fix formatting errors, suggest alternate wording, and much, much more!

Each order comes with a customized ‘Tips & Tricks’ sheet, in addition to your returned, edited essay. Our editors will offer helpful tips for avoiding the same mistakes next time. Our goal is to strengthen your confidence in writing academic-style papers over time!


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Q: Can you edit a sample of my work for me before I decide to commit to your services?

A: Yes, we can. We understand that (especially for lengthier pieces of written work) the price commitment of using an editing service is significant. With this in mind, please enter the number of words you’d like us to look at when checking out (ex. 250) and indicate in the comments section that you would like us to send you a sample of our editing services. This way our editors will know you are requesting us to look at a portion of your work, rather than the whole document just yet. If you decide to proceed with the rest of your document for editing, a customized invoice will be sent to you with the sample price deducted from the total order.

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Q: Will you edit my work if I am not attending a Canadian post-secondary institute?

A: Yes! Please let us know which version of English you’d like us to adhere to when going over your work. You can do this by leaving a note in the comments section during checkout. American and British English both have significant differences from Canadian English, so it’s important we know this detail before looking at your work.

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Q: Why don’t you charge extra for ESL essay editing like other editing websites?

A: Many of our editors are familiar with ESL writing, and even come from an ESL teaching background. We are confident that we can offer the same superior quality of editing for both native English speakers and non-native English speakers. In the rare case that your essay is incomprehensible to our editors, we will contact you immediately and refund your payment as required.

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Q: How do you determine your pricing?

A: Our pricing is determined by three factors: turnaround time, word count, and desired service. A shorter turnaround time results in a higher price per word, while a longer turnaround time means a lower price per word. ‘The Works’ (Editing + Proofreading) costs more per word, since it is more labour-intensive on our end than ‘The Basics’ (Proofreading).

Basically, shorter submitted documents with longer turnaround times will be cheaper, while longer documents with shorter turnaround times will cost more. Our prices are calculated per word and are shown in Canadian dollars (CAD).

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Q: Why don’t you charge taxes?

A: As we are a new small business, we are not required to charge taxes just yet. If we are required to start charging tax in the future we will update our checkout page to reflect this.

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Q: How do I submit my work to you? How do I receive it back?

A: Start by entering your information into our handy-dandy quote tool and make sure to upload your document(s), such as your essay and assignment descriptions. Then click ‘Fix My Essay’, and you will be transferred to a payment page where you will need to provide your contact and payment information. This is where you can enter any discount codes you may have as well. When we are finished editing your document, we will email it back to you using the email address you provide during checkout. See ‘How to Use Microsoft Word Tracking Tool’ for more details on what to do with your paper once you receive it back. It's that easy!

How Does it Work?

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Q: Why does my returned work not have many corrections?

A: Take this as a sign of encouragement that our editors did not need to suggest many changes to your work! It means you were already on the right track and possess solid post-secondary writing skills. You may simply need ‘The Basics’ in the future to catch pesky grammatical or formatting errors.

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Q: What is the difference between ‘The Basics’ and ‘The Works’?

A: ‘The Basics’ is proofreading alone. 

This service works best when you are almost ready to hand in your writing but would like a second set of eyes to check it for mistakes you may be missing. We will look for spelling, grammar, punctuation, proper academic formatting (APA, MLA, references, title page, etc.), proper language use, and other black-and-white surface errors. If you are fairly confident with your content but aren’t a grammar and spelling geek (like us!), let us be your second set of eyes. If you are crunched for time, you will find this service most helpful, as it does not require you to modify your essay in detail when it is returned to you. (See Microsoft Tracking Tool Instructions for more details on how to accept or reject our changes).

‘The Works’ is proofreading (as described above), combined with editing.

Editing your work means we will offer more in-depth suggestions about your content, tone, clarity, consistency and overall essay structure. This service is ideal for students who require guidance on strengthening their overall essay, as well as surface grammatical errors. It is best for students who are still in the drafting process of their work and will have time to revise, if needed, after we return your edited work. A copy of the instructor’s requirements is always helpful to us so we can assure your work meets the given criteria as closely as possible.

Please note: We will not write content for you! This goes against academic integrity rules. We may offer suggestions on areas you need to strengthen or suggest different wording.

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Q: What do I need to do with my returned edited work before handing it in to my professor?

A: If you are submitting your work electronically, there are a few things you’ll need to do to make sure your edited document is ready to go. In order to remove all of the markings our editors have made on your work using the Microsoft Tracking Tool, please follow these steps. If you’re unfamiliar with the Tracking Tool, the first time you use it might be a bit slow-going, but once you get the hang of it, it isn’t confusing at all.

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Q: Can you guarantee me a better mark on my assignment if I use your services?

A: We are confident our services will improve the quality of your written work, which can’t help but translate into improved marks! That being said, the quality of your submitted written work is ultimately your responsibility. What we can guarantee is that our editors will scour your work for errors you may have missed and, depending upon the service you select, will also provide you with valuable suggestions about how to strengthen your paper before handing it in.

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