About Us

Call us grammar nerds, bookworms, word geeks...we take it as a compliment! Fix My Essay started because our editors saw a need for quality, timely proofreading and editing services for busy college and university students.

Many of our friends were coming to us for our help with editing their assignments because they knew we loved this kind of thing (and were good at it!). Writing essays is not everyone’s cup of tea, and can even be highly stress-inducing for some people. Many school programs do not require students to write formal essays very often, so when the time comes to do so, students feel unprepared and lost.

We decided to turn our passion for helping friends and family with their written assignments into a business, and voilaFix My Essay was born! We are based in Kingston, Ontarioa town full of college and university students. Our dream is to help students across Canada—and around the world—with their academic written assignments. 

Our editor’s backgrounds include:

  • Bachelors and Masters of Education
  • Overseas English teaching experience
  • Ontario school system teaching experience
  • Concentrations in Second Language Teaching
  • University Linguistics courses
  • Mathematics and Physics backgrounds
  • Years of ESL teaching and tutoring 
  • Ph.D. dissertation editing and proofreading experience
  • Writing dozens and dozens of our own essays during university!

Fix My Essay is a Canadian-based company (registered in Ontario).