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Call us grammar nerds, bookworms, word geeks...we take it as a compliment!

The idea for Fix My Essay came to website founder Patti when she noticed that friends and family consistently asked for help with proofreading their written assignments, resumes, and admission letters. This made Patti notice there was a gap in Canadian-based online academic editing services. And so, in 2016, the idea for Fix My Essay was born!

Let’s face it—essays can be highly stressful and exhausting, especially while balancing other coursework and life commitments! If you are not used to writing essays in your college or university program, you can naturally feel overwhelmed when a large written assignment does come up. If your first language is not English, writing a Canadian academic essay can be especially daunting. Essays can account for huge chunks of your overall class grade, and professors often deduct valuable marks for formatting oversights and other easy-to-miss surface errors.

A review by a second set of eyes is usually all it takes to help improve your paper, but friends and family can be too busy to take a thorough look at your work for you before you hand it in. Students need access to fast, reliable, knowledgeable help when it comes to proofreading and editing their academic assignments.

We aim to fill a gap for students between what university and college writing centres can offer on an appointment basis and what a friend or classmate might offer in terms of proofreading your work. We want to not only help you ace your next written assignment, but also to help you improve as a writer overall. At Fix My Essay, our goal is to work with you to take your writing to the next level!

How Does It Work?:

Fix My Essay's Process

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What are two things students not have a lot of? Time and money! This is why we created our instant price quote tool, to give you an upfront total estimate for your order right on our homepage—in Canadian dollars, of course!

Customized Instant Quote Tool

As a small, start-up company, we are not yet required to charge taxes, which is a savings we are happy to pass on to our customers! We consistently offer discount codes as well, because we understand every dollar counts as a student.

Unlike other companies, we do not charge an additional fee if your first language is not English. Our editors have extensive experience working with writers from various language backgrounds!

With every order you place with Fix My Essay, you will receive a personalized ‘Feedback Form,' with more in-depth commentary from your editor. This is intended to help you on your journey to becoming a more confident scholarly writer and is part of the value of working with a smaller company for your proofreading needs.

Sample Feedback Form



At Fix My Essay, you are not just a number or an order to rush through so we can get onto the next one. We take our time to thoroughly review your work and provide in-depth commentary and proofreading for you. We value quality so much that we do not offer less than a 24-hour turnaround time, so our editors are not rushed while working on your order! We also chose to specialize in academic proofreading, as this allows us to focus on doing one thing and doing it well. We are constantly updating our knowledge about APA, MLA, Chicago, and other academic formatting styles, which can be hard to keep up with as a busy student. We will scour your work to make sure every period, comma, and space is in the right place.

What sets us apart from other larger editing websites? Firstly, our editors specialize in working with Canadian English, meaning we understand the many nuances and particularities that exist within Canadian English (colour vs. color, Aboriginal vs. Native American, for example). We feel it is important for Canadian students to have an editing service just for them, in a market over-saturated with American or British-based editing companies.


We are not an essay writing company and strongly oppose the existence of such businesses. We respect academic integrity rules and will not create new content for you. What we will do is point out spelling, grammatical, and formatting errors, suggest alternate wording and other ways to strengthen your work.

Using Microsoft Word’s Tracking Tool feature, we put the control in your hands to accept or reject each of our changes and make improvements according to our commentary. Here is an example of the type of comments we provide:

Sample Comments

Who Are We?:

Hailing from coast to coast of Canada, our editors are the real deal! Here are some examples of our backgrounds and experience:

  • Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees in Political Science, Engineering, Sociology, Film Studies, English Literature, Psychology, Public Health, Biology, Education, and Second Language Teaching
  • University instructors, teaching assistants, published academics, teachers, and professional proofreaders and editors
  • Years of overseas and Canadian ESL teaching practice
  • Experience writing hundreds of our own essays!

    What Our Customers Are Saying:

    Don’t just take our word for it; here is what some of our customers have to say about our services:

    "My experience with Fix My Essay was amazing! My order was done on time and most importantly, it was done right. The editor did what I asked for and contacted me throughout the editing process for further instruction. I highly recommend Fix My Essay!!!" -F.S.

    “…this service has helped me drastically throughout my University career!” -H.I.

    Our goal is to help students across Canada improve their essays and other assignments, while becoming more confident in their own writing abilities!

    So, what are you waiting for? Let’s work together to help you “fix” your next essay! 

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